Woo and Hoo

my kindlec790bc43

FYI, I replaced the battery in my Kindle keyboard.  My newer, refurbished one, just in case it didn’t work.  It worked.  It works.  My older keyboard was my first ever Kindle, and it has been used almost daily for years.  Since September 25, 2011.  I love it so much.  I tried the paperwhite, and gave it to DD.  I have a newer gen with the touch screen, and I hate it, too.  I have an older no-keyboard one which makes my hands hurt to hold it.  So when my both keyboards started rebooting every other page, I finally decided to retire them. Broken-heartedly. I originally bought the refurbished one in case the original died, since it was having slooooow issues.   Stupid Amazon for stopping making them.

Anyway, it occurred to me:  if you can buy refurbished Kindles, why can’t _I_ refurbish mine?  Googled, googled some more, and low and behold, success.  Contains link to buy new battery, and I’ve ordered another to fix my old and beloved first keyboard, the one with the decal girl van Gogh’s almond tree cover.  Be still my heart.  You do need a precision screwdriver, which a friend had one, but I have since ordered my own Precision Screwdriver Set by Katzco

Here’s the directions:


I am my own tech support.  LOLOL

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