Gave up watching it.  Started out so cool, I loved the character and the snark and the sarcasm, and just the whole premise was intriguing.  But it has turned stupid.  Lucifer has become a super-whiny, self-absorbed idiot, the female lead’s acting is getting worse and worse, and I cannot bear the pathologist.  What an annoying and unnecessary character.  So goodbye Lucifer, it was fun while it lasted.  Been binging for a couple of weeks, but done, done, done.

I have started binging ‘The Good Place’ because Kristin Bell, but even it is getting dumber as it goes along.  Whatever happened to good and clever writing?  Maybe I’m just jaded, who knows.

Illness wise, things are just going from bad to worse.  I am so over pain and exhaustion, but they are not over me by a long shot.  Well, crap.


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