A Beautiful Day

Sunshine all day long. Had Create on all day, marathoning Annabel Langbein. New Zealand is gorgeous, and she cooks delicious looking food. Sound down again so can hear voices but not make out what is said. Best way to watch tv. LOL

Still tired, took two percoset and zonked right out, as well. Over and above just being tired. I was tired before the surgery thanks to the fibro, so it’s nothing new. Anyway, Gertrude and I had a lovely nap. She is so cute, and good company when she’s not hiding.

Cindy, the VNA nurse who visits, was admiring a painting I have in the living room. It was given to me by one of my homemakers who just didn’t want it. Anyway, she suggested I google the artist, just in case, but it seems it’s nothing special. But this conversation happened Friday. Saturday, the painting fell off the wall onto the back of the couch. I take this as a sign, so am going to give it to her tomorrow. You can’t ignore things like that, right? I mean, it’s been hanging there for years, brief convo about it, it falls off wall. Ooeeooee? LOLOL

Can’t say how happy such a glorious sunshiney day has made me. Spring has sprung, even if it is rather chill, and going to rain tomorrow, I think.