Why Life Is Frustrating

frustrated-catAND SO AM I

Comcast version. I wanted to post screencaps from my chat with Comcast today, but not worth the effort. Could not find an easy way to do it. Suffice it to say that OMG, could someone just fix the mess that cable is? Please?

Health version. OMG, after the renovations that exacerbated the asthma so I had to go on a stronger med, they are working in the storefront right below me, and something is making my allergies go insane. Have the windows open today and much better, but if they don’t finish up soon, I will have to get out seven more blankets or freeze, cause I’m not closing them again for awhile. I’ve spent two days and most of a night just sneezing, dripping nose, stuffed up feeling, like the worst hay fever you can imagine. Oi. My expensive new allergy pills did not help. Thanks for nothing, generic Allegra. I need to move. Seriously.

Also, I think the Prednisone has finally kicked back in. This is the first day I have not been in full-body, every little move really, really hurts, mode. So yay. I’m sure my bones are swiss cheese by now, but pain. Really, pain sucks, if you didn’t know. Constant pain sucks constantly, exhausts you, and severely limits your ability to do ANYthing.

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