Been off it for a couple of weeks now. Been mostly miserable the whole time. Seriously hoping that my body will adjust soon, but going to doctor this week just in case something else is making me feel this terrible. Still, I managed to actually cook something yesterday. A lovely red pepper, garlic, and a chopped up tomato with egg scrambled in. Tasty. I’ve been making a sort of smoothie thing, too, with either fruit and cream, or tomato, pepper, cucumbers with lemon/lime juice. The first one of those I made was with produce straight from a friend’s garden and it was like drinking summer. Lovely.

It has been the most gorgeous summer and autumn I can remember. Probably less than a week of yellow (not that unhealthy, but still…) air days. I get an email, that’s how I know these things. LOL Probably less than two weeks worth of having the central air on. Both of these things are unprecedented, as far as I can remember. I know other parts of the country, and the world, have not fared as well, so I have made an effort to appreciate and be grateful for each lovely, lovely day. Besides, any day that is not hot and sticky is a fabulous day, in my book.

Came across this bit today. True. Very true. One thing you learn in meditation is to not focus on thoughts, but let them just sort of float on by. It really, truly makes a huge difference. Anyway, here it is:


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