>The West Wing

You know, or maybe you don’t, about the whole Newsweek controversy over gay actors playing straight characters. My goodness, we are so backward, people. Anyway…here is an relevant article by the truly magnificent Aaron Sorkin whose West Wing was the best thing on television. I hope you read this.


Aaron Sorkin

On the illness front, I started taking my vitamins and supplements again on Friday, and am already feeling much, much better. I just kept putting off parsing them out into the pill holder for a couple of weeks. Duh! I don’t know if it’s one, all, or some in combination that works, but here’s what I take. Three times a day.

400 mg magnesium with 15 mg zinc
500 mg calcium with 400 1U vitamin D
l000 mcg B12
500 mg vitamin C
1000 IU Vitamin D

Yes, I know that’s D twice, but I don’t get outside much, and here in New England we don’t get enough direct sun to keep levels good anyway. I think I need that much D. Anyway, there it is.