>It is a warm summer day. You lie on the cool grass, the earthy scent of the just-watered lawn next door drifting past on the soft breeze. There is shade nearby; a beautiful, wide, drooping canopy, but you lie in the sunlight, watching the white puffy clouds changing shape as they make their way across the blue sky. Every now and then a bird flies overhead, or you catch the sound of one twittering in the trees. You breathe slowly and deeply, inhaling summer. Butterflies flit around in their cheery up-down helter skelter sort of way. As you lie there, you watch your thoughts come, and you watch them go. You recognize that you are not your thoughts. You are at peace with yourself. You are happy. Life is good.

I wrote this in my head during yesterday’s twenty-minute lie down.

4 thoughts on “>Thoughts

  1. Like you say, your posts are just your posts, about you and living with a chronic illness. Sometimes though, like this post above, you right so beautifully that your posts transcend that “ordinary” status. In just that one paragraph I could smell freshly cut grass, which my wife hates because of sinus issues but I love from my days of playing volleyball and soccer, I could see butterflies darting up and down and the puffy white clouds that are just there, making the sky beautiful. You write well and you have a positive outlook, that’s why I read your stuff.

  2. What a lovely thing to say. That’s the nices comment I’ve ever gotten. I am NOT a writer, but I was pretty pleased with that. It just came to me while I was lying down. I think my positive attitude flags later on, as I start having more pain issues, but I hope you don’t find it discouraging. I have ups and downs, just like everybody, I guess.

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