>Been having some blog issues recently, but I’m hoping all is sorted out.

I’ve been having some pain and lots of fatigue for the past week. I’ve been well enough to do some cooking, but not much else. I’ve made easy lasagna and sausage cornbread. Ate all the cornbread over two days, but have five meals of lasagna in the freezer. I’m also making pesto every time my herbs have grown enough.

I’m trying to do something in the living room that will make it look like a living room and not a conglomeration of stuff and more stuff. I can only work one day in a row and then have several recovery days, so it is very slow going. I wanted to get it done before the new homemaker comes on Friday, but it’s not looking good.

I got some extra-strength Excedrin without caffeine, since I have all these sleep problems, but it does not seem to work nearly as well for the pain. Everything is a trade-off with illness. Less pain=less sleep, more sleep=more pain. Is this fair? I think not.

Cannot wait for Fridays anymore. I want to know what happens in Galactica. What great writing in this show. It is so dark and intense and riveting. I am so not an ‘amazing runway idol Kardashian funniest video’ watcher, so anything that has some real intelligence behind it is gold. Oh, and I bought a nine dollar antenna to see what I get without cable. Haven’t hooked it up yet, though. Maybe there will be some channels out there I am not familiar with, and that actually have something I’d want to watch. We’ll see.

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