>Bliss oh bliss!

>Yesterday I went to Brookstone with my friend Tess. We tried out the massage chairs, which we had done briefly before. I was in mine for about 20 minutes or so, because the salesman came over and was showing me all the features. Oh, oh, oh, did I want to buy that chair. It was only 2500 dollars. Yes, twenty-five hundred dollars. But when I got out of that chair, I felt amazing. My muscles were loose, my neck, which had been hurting for some time and which could not turn right or left without pain, was limber and pain-free. My right arm, which has a touch of bursitis, which limits it’s movement, moved freely in all directions. My legs did not hurt. I am almost always in pain and my muscles are tight and difficult to work. Gone, all gone. More than twenty-four hours later, I am still feeling great. Oh, I want that chair. It’s a miracle worker, and would maybe make fibro that much easier to live with. But lord, that is a lot of money. But I want that chair. Really, I do. Christmas is coming. Does some anonymous reader want to give me a really great present? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Oh, well. *smile*

It’s a beautiful, warm, balmy, rainy day, as it was yesterday. Windows open all night. I love this weather.

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