>A good day.

>After sleeping til 3pm yesterday, and staying awake (involuntarily) til around six am today, I got up at 11. I even got dressed, then went out with my friend Tess. We got a coollata and then went to her house and played on the computer. It was a gorgeous, no-coat-needed kind of day. I am hoping to sleep tonight and have another daytime life tomorrow, but we’ll see how it goes.

Am checking news every now and then, but really it’s all speculation at this point. Am really looking forward to seeing who wins, even if it’s not my guy. It will tell us a bit about what to expect in the future, I think. I am hoping for not the same old same old. It’s exciting to be alive during such an important decision for the world. I really wanted to vote to feel that I am part of history. That I took part in an historical vote. It was a good day.

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