>Oh, well

Obviously no one reads this but me, but that’s okay. Today I am kind of unhappy with myself. After four days of sleeping most of the time, one day out shopping with a friend, today I had hoped to actually get something done. So here I sit at the computer. I haven’t read my email for six days, but I’m not even going there yet.

I’m just overwhelmed by the mess, I think. The house isn’t dirty, but it’s cluttered beyond my ability to cope with it. I need to move a bookshelf, but first I have to remove what’s on it, and put it where? Before I can do that, I have to fold the clothes on the chair in front of it and put them away, but there is more stuff in front of the closet door. Before I can move that, I have to……………and on and on. It’s not that I have so much more stuff, it’s just that my organization went out the window the whole first of the year when I was so ill with the fibro, and as I’ve slowly gotten better, just keeping up with the dishes and the normal tidying up is pretty much all I can manage. So things just sit where they are.

I’m not happy about it, and I know I need help, but who will help me? There really isn’t anyone, so I know I have to do it myself. I just can’t. Not now, anyway. But I will, eventually. I hope.

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