I think. It snowed a bit today, but didn’t stick. Turned to rain instead. I made a serious error in trying to keep out the cold. Put up mylar curtain panels in the windows, which worked beautifully keeping it warmer, but I couldn’t see out. By the second day, I was seriously depressed and non-functioning. So today I took them down (put them up Friday and it’s Tuesday.) Felt better almost immediately. Amazing. Light is important. Connection to the outdoors is important. Learn something new every day, don’t I!  That’s not my window, btw.  It’s just a picture I found.  My windows ALL face North.  No sun.

2 thoughts on “>Winter…

  1. Funny how depression works. Before I was diagnosed I liked closing myself indoors, curtains drawn. I could stay like that for days. Only now I learnt that I was feeding the depression monster by staying in darkness. Yep, you are right, light is very important.

  2. I now have full-spectrum lights in my overhead lights and some of my lamps. In winter, turning on the overhead light is like turning on the sun. I have forgotten to turn them off, and sitting with my back to the windows, have turned around and been surprised that it was pitch dark outside. It seemed like noon in here. It really helps with depression. I speak from several years experience with them. Full-spectrum lights work, and are not much more expensive than regular bulbs.

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