And I didn’t post once in October. I have been really struggling, with an issue in my head and a whole-body pain and exhaustion that is NOT fibromyalgia. Seeing my rheumatologist next week, and a neurologist in a couple of weeks. Hope someone has some answers. I am almost completely incapacitated. I cannot cook, or wash dishes or do much of anything, and walking involves leaning on my cane with both hands. Fun times. Am taking a different antibiotic that is helping with some of the head problem, but the underlying issue seems not to be an infection. Having a cat scan soon, too.

But I am still managing to enjoy life. Messing about on the laptop, watching streaming stuff, and reading, reading, reading. Have read several books in the past couple of weeks and have a ton more on my kindle. I love my kindle. It’s an old keyboard one that has side clickers. Just my stuff. No pictures, and whatever else that crap is on the new kindles. Just a list of my books to click on. Why did they change that? I am dreading when my two keyboard kindles die. I will have to find someone to refurbish them. Newer isn’t always better, Kindle.

Anyway, we seem to be having summer temps again. Weird. Tell me there’s no such thing as climate change. I can see it everyday. Oh, well.

I am really hoping this will be the last time change. What is wrong with just normal time? The morons in charge want DST to last year round. I would rather have more light in the morning. I remember going to school in the dark. No thanks.

Anyway, I am back, I hope, moaning and groaning and whining about the idiocy around me. Please vote them out, readers. Please. They are destroying our country and taking away all our freedoms and supports. We need to change things before it’s too late. While we still CAN vote. Please, do your bit. Thank you.