As I’m sure you know by now. 🙂

Weird mix of leaves and blossoms. Blossoms used to drop en masse, but haven’t done that in a couple of years. No idea why. Be a better pic if my windows weren’t so messed up because of broken seals. It’s a beautiful day, 67 degrees, clear blue skies, opened window. Yay.

Still feeling horrible. No energy, loads of pain. I will get better. I will.

My new water filter came, but I am not up for the attempt to attach it to the faucet. Need a good day for things like that. I think it will sit on the side of the sink by the frig, so no need to redo my counter again, thank goodness. Will be happy not to have to buy bottled water. So much plastic.

Need to water the plants, fill the pill holders, make some chicken soup. Like any of that is going to happen today. I had a shower and got dressed because it is company day, and was absolutely exhausted just having the shower.

Signed up yesterday for a free month of Hulu and a free week each of Showtime and Cinemax. Already cancelled the Showtime. The two movies that looked good, weren’t, and there was really nothing else that interested me. Have a few movies to watch on Cinemax and then it will be gone, too. Quite a few things of interest on Hulu, which I had cancelled a while back because I realized I wasn’t actually watching anything on it. If I keep it, I will pay for the ad-free version, which I had before, because I refuse to watch ads unless absolutely forced to.

Happy May, everybody. Remember May Baskets? We used to make them in school back in the dark ages. No May Poles, though. Be safe, everyone. Wear your mask.

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