Still here. Still just kind of vegging, although I did cook a bit here and there.

Corn chowder, anyone? Enough for about three or four bowls: cube two peeled or not potatoes, chop an onion, barely cover with water, cook til tender. Add 2 cans cream corn, simmer a bit, add one can evaporated (not condensed) milk, a spoon or so of bacon grease (or not) s&p, heat, don’t boil. Just reheat single bowlfuls as needed. Just add more potatoes if want a larger amount.

Party mix. Am having some right now. Put into small pan on very low 1 stick butter, 2 sloppy tablespoons worcestershire sauce, about a teaspoon each of celery salt, onion powder, and garlic powder. I like it well-seasoned. Leave on low heat for awhile so spices can soak up butter. Toss with 6 cups Chex, rice, corn and wheat, I like lots of wheat Chex. I do this in a large microwave safe bowl and nuke for 6 to 8 minutes, stirring well every two minutes. Can oven bake for an hour at 250, stirring every 15 minutes. 13 x 9 pan is good for this. Can also add nuts or pretzels or whatever.

Sleep, read, awake most of the night. It’s all getting very discombobulated. But someday spring and sun will be back and maybe I will get it together once again. Possibly. Could happen. Anyway, came across this today:


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