Taken this morning. Window in bedroom has been open since yesterday and it is perfectly comfortable in here. NOVEMBER Mother Nature. November. Picture is kind of meh because of the broken seal on the window which means it is cloudy and streaked. The left hand window is even worse. Oh, well. Someday I will live in a nice place. I hope.

Peeved with Crapazon, as walker I ordered for DD’s partner, who recently had back surgery, is STILL not delivered. They keep asking if I want a refund. NO. Just deliver the darn thing already. Sheesh!

My friend Tess is sick, so no going out today. Hoping it is nothing serious, but she is pretty careless with masking and going places where people don’t mask or social distance. Worried about her.

Listening to my AWOL Nation station on Pandora. Good stuff there. Right now it’s playing Def Leppard Pyromania. Cool.. LOL

Here’s what November should look like in my town. This is the town park from November 2016.