At Last!!!!!

A post not motivated by anger.  It is kind of windy, a bit breezier than breezy.  So far, now that midsummer has past, it seems like most of the first half of summer has been incredibly great weather.  I have not had the a/c on at all, only felt actually hot and sticky a brief time this morning, and then that went away, and that was the only time this entire summer.  I have had the a/c on in May some years.  I have had it on for days and days in a row some years.  Yesterday was gray, but beautiful and comfortable, and most days have been sunny and clear or with white puffy clouds.  Mother Nature is favoring my area, and I am so pleased with her. My friend Tess says I am having a great summer because I live in the highlands (second floor).  Her house is all first floor, or ground floor if you are British.  🙂

And another thing.  I made a strawberry pie and strawberries in balsamic vinegar, a bit of sugar, and a lot of black pepper. Because it’s JUNE.  Strawberry month.  Woo Hoo!!!!!!

So much nice to be happy instead of angry.  And so far today I have avoided Verizon hell, but will have to step back in tomorrow and call them before they shut me down for non-payment of a bill I have paid four, count them, four times and they have not accepted one of them.  Not angry today.  Not angry today. Not angry today.  But tomorrow…….

While looking for something to illustrate this post, I came across this.

Verizon Sponsors Hell

We Are Not the Sharpest Tacks in the Box

Are we?
Lives Being Threatened

What does this say about us as a people? Threatening the lives of people who are doing their job of trying to keep us safe? It tells me that our minds have atrophied and are clearly not working. We worship the orange man, whose grasp on reality seems fragile, at best, and those that are in his inner circle are benefiting from this at our expense, and we just seem to love it. We let ourselves be brainwashed by Fox News, and if you think that is not what is happening, you need to do your research. We have lost any shred of common sense we may have had, and have chosen instead to live in a fake reality. It’s not the news that’s fake (excepting always Fox News, who just make things up as they go along), it’s the reality people seem to think we are living in. The one where Trump is the second coming, and there is no virus, and everything is happy happy joy joy all day in every way. We are a disgrace.