“A Good Book”

“I went home to read a good book and settle in for the night.”

I see similar all the time, which makes me wonder if anyone has ever gone home to read a crap book. Or just to read a book. It’s always “a good book”. I think too much.

I am having a pretty good spell, maybe because the weather in Southeastern Mass has been absolutely fantastic. I wish all summer could be like this. I am trying to absorb it to remember when the hot and stickies get here.

Had a lovely long chat with one of my homemakers today. Her English is terrible, and while we were trying to figure something out, she kept giving me different info. It’s 100 dollars. Added to 1,000 dollars, so 1100 dollars. No, it’s 1075 dollars. You just told me it was 100 dollars. This went on for several different things. We were laughing so much. She knows what she means, it just doesn’t come out right. She’s really nice and fun and I’m glad she got assigned to me.

Pleased to be doing relatively well. Plan to enjoy it as much as possible while it lasts.

No picture, cause doing this on my phone. 😃