Update on the Food Thing

Remember how I said my issue was with the buying/billing.  Well that’s the only issue.  I cooked my first two serving meal (one for later, yay) which took about 15 minutes altogether, and OMG is this food good.  Much less packing waste than Blue Apron and the food is really good quality and sooooo good.  I may buy this again, even without the coupon. Eight meals at 40 dollars was a bargain.  Eight meals at 80 dollars would still be worth it if they are all this good.

This is two pork chops. 

This is the vegetables.   The only thing I did not do was chop those teeny red peppers (spicy) and add them to the butter.  They were goood. The box it came in had an insulated liner and two reusable ice packs.  This was all the rest of the packaging.  Not bad.

This is the finished meal.  There is an identical one in the frig for tomorrow lunch. That’s a lot of butter, but i moved some to the sparrowgrass.  This was the best meal I have had in ages, and I cooked it.  Normally, it takes me a lot longer than someone without a chronic illness, but most of the fifteen minutes was cook time, not prep time.  I give this meal a nine.  It would be a ten if I wasn’t the cook.  🙂