Fun Times With Dial-A-Ride

Had PT at 12:30. D-a-R gets me there at noon. Call for pickup at 1:30. Wait in lobby, leaning on a brick half-wall, for half an hour. Call. On the way. Wait. Lovely, lovely man from Bedard Realty whose door is right there, comes out and asks me if I want to come in and wait because it’s warmer. Okay. Brings me a chair. Brings me a pizzelle, brings me a bottle of water. Call again, on the way. Go out to wait, cause I’m restless. Wait. Give up, decide to walk home, which would be fine, except no hat or gloves, and pain. But get over halfway home when d-a-r calls. Where am I? Walking home, screw you. (Did not say that.) Couple minutes later, D-a-r pulls up and lovely, lovely man from Bedard Realty gets off and encourages me to let the van take me the rest of the way home. Then he walks back to his work and d-a-r gets me home at 2:30. Seriously. They have forgotten me completely before, when I didn’t have a cell phone to call, either, and I was left standing in the cold and snow for a couple of hours until a driver who had already passed me three times and didn’t realize I was trying to wave him down, stopped and asked why I’m still there. Called in, no one had sent a pick up ride. Did not get home til 3 hours after my appt ended. Quit going out after that til I met Tess, who drives me most places, thank you Tess. On the bright side, I think if I fill up on pain meds, (took six pills today) and am not having to horrible a day, I could walk myself to PT and back. Maybe. If I’m not to exhausted.  And I met a lovely man and had a pizzelle.  I love pizzelles. So turned out a good day after all.   🙂  BTW, they are to the right of the arched doorway.  PT is on the third floor.  This used to be a manufacturing building, and my husband worked there making compacts for Revlon for a few years after we moved to New England.  Just so  you know.  LOL


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