What ho?

It’s October tenth.  I turned on the air-conditioner this afternoon, because it was in the 80’s and muggy.  Which prompt me to wonder, ‘muggy’?  Looked it up:

Where did the word muggy originate?

It is believed to have come from the old Norse word Mugen, which means a mist.
It doesn’t mean ‘mist’ in today’s New England.  Hot, damp, sticky, yukky, are more like it.  It’s October, did I mention that?
My support person (they’re called homemakers, but support person makes more sense) dropped my keys down the elevator shaft Friday.  Twelve dollars for a new security door key from the locksmith across the street, 30 dollars for a new mailbox key from the post office, because they have to change the lock, and it could take weeks, so meanwhile mail delivery is on hold and I have to go to the post office to pick it up.  Post office is half a block away.  Such an inconvenience.  LOL  Charles offered to pay for them, before he knew the cost, but I lied and said it was all free.  Wasn’t his fault.
Much pain today, mostly in the injured knee which had gotten much better, so what went wrong now?  But fun day out with my friend Tess.  We did the key things, she had her mail held for their vacation next week, went to the DQ for a strawberry shake, and off to the liquor store, because I was totally and utterly out of Goslings Black Rum.  Bought the bigger bottle this time.  It lasts a while, cause I only  have it in Viking Thaws, and the occasional sip just because I can.  After that we had a fun game of Big Kahuna on the laptop.  We have more laughs playing that game.
Here’s a snap from the walk home from the post office today.