A Relevant Quote

Found here:

New Yorker Magazine

“….I want to go for a day without thinking about my body.”

Not bloody likely, unfortunately.  I am worse today than I was yesterday, with more all-over pain.  Sleeping well is the key, and it just doesn’t happen.  Oh, well.

Nice chill winter’s day again.  Milky sky.  Still winter, even after yesterday’s high temps.

Gertrude is barely eating anything.  She again today has not even come out for her treats.  The ones that have the meds in them.  Oh, wait she just showed herself.  She looks so thin.  Vet called to see how she is, and she’s fine, except for the barely eating anything bit.  I am preparing myself mentally for the worst, but remaining hopeful that this will turn around, or the ultrasound will find an easily fixable problem, or something.Prepare for the worst, hope for the best.  What else can you do?