>Why yes. I did change the look of my blog. Then I was going to post something, got side-tracked, and completely forgot. The new background is Van Gogh’s ‘The Almond Tree’. I love it.

Gray and rainy day. I love rain. Having a recovery day, since I went out Monday, then my homemaker came yesterday. I don’t seem to have anything to say anymore. Not sure why. I am much better on the new medicine, no brain fog, thinking ahead to things I want to do, something I haven’t done for quite a long time. I did not realize how lethargic and out-to-lunch I was, I just gradually became accustomed to it and stopped noticing. Miracle drug comes along (actually, it’s thyroid med), and my brain has gone into, “I WORK!! Woo Hoo!!!” mode. Unfortunately, my body hasn’t caught up, so I am doing more, but having a lot more pain as a consequence. Everything is a trade-off. I’m just so glad my brain is working again, and I’ve had a lot of pain since I got sick anyway. I can plan, and consider, and evaluate, and think ahead to consequences. You don’t know how much you’ve lost til you suddenly get it back, I guess.

I watched the uncut Jon Stewart on Fox interview, not the Fox cut, since even if I still had cable, I would never watch Fox on purpose. Anyway, here is Jon’s hilarious take on what they actually aired on Fox.