I admit, the picture is pretty cool. It split right along the yellow line. What????

But I just watched the Nova about the quake. Seeing pictures like this one, watching the clips on YouTube, were one thing. But seeing an hour of devastation…it’s just horrific, and very frightening.It is unimaginable what the Japanese people have gone, and are still going through. There are thousands of people with no food or water.

I live on an earthquake fault here in New England, and have experienced more than one mild one in two different places I’ve lived. If one plate shifts, will another, and then another? If Yellowstone erupts from plate movement, then what? When you really let yourself think it through, it is quite terrifying. But nothing anyone can do except be as prepared as is possible.

I put this in the folder called “Things Not To Ponder Too Much Or You’ll Give Yourself Nightmares”. It’s pretty big folder.

On the illness front, I’ve had quite a lot of good days where I got a lot done, interspersed with quite a lot of pain days where I did nothing. And so it goes. I forget her name, but you know who used to say that. Don’t you?

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