>Another Good Day

Yesterday, I woke up at 8am, after sleeping really well. I set up Workrave on the pc, and every 45 minutes I got up and did something around the house. Put away laundry, washed/rinsed some items in the tub, cleaned the frig, organized some in the kitchen…there was more, but I forget. Today I was up at 6am, after not sleeping well, but not a zombie per usual when I don’t get enough sleep. I cooked breakfast, cleaned and reorganized the freezer, did some more organizing in the kitchen, and it’s only 1pm. I’ll probably crash later. I am still pretty tired. but it’s the second good day in a row. Windows open both days, too, as spring certainly seems to have sprung. That’s not to say we couldn’t have a snowstorm next week, it is New England after all, but I will enjoy that as much as I’m enjoying the lovely weather today.

Planning to watch Desperate Housewives tonight. First time this season, but Barrowman is on, and I just want to check him out as NOT Captain Jack. I’m still angry about the wholesale destruction of Torchwood by that rat RTD, but it’s not Barrowman’s fault. I read that if the American Torchwood does get made, they are going to un-gay Captain Jack. God, we are a bunch of backward puritans in this country. (Please, God, don’t let me get religion.) I’m not going to watch it anyway. First, it’s Fox, and we know their track-record for sci-fi shows. Second, I have vowed NOT to watch anything RTD is associated with. My own person(al Proof-reading. It’s a good thing.)boycott. Silly, maybe. But it makes me feel better. Happy Spring, everybody!

Update. Friend came over and we went to the local plant nursery. I got a lemon verbena and a purple sage plant. Lemon verbena smells soooo nice. I used to grow it in my garden. I would have gotten more plants, but Gertrude would eat them, so no point. Gorgeous day out.