>Not My Best Day

>It might snow tomorrow. It was 65 degrees yesterday. I love New England.

Didn’t feel that great today, and had to go back to bed and get some more sleep. Better now. Been trying to set up a router and make a home network, but every time I try I just lose my internet connection and the thing doesn’t link up anyway. Frustrating. Need to have a less brain-foggy day to do this. Or actually read up on how to do it. I followed the directions that came with the router, what more do they want? It’s only a cheapo from Walmart, so maybe expecting it to work is asking too much? LOL

I am getting some of the decluttering done, and being happier with my space. It’s actually pleasant to wake up in my bedroom, with the old I don’t know what it’s called. It’s a big bowl sort of thing I put flowers in. Not a vase, but I can’t think of the correct word. Anyway, I bought it in a junk shope (okay, so I can’t spell. SHOP) a long time ago for ten dollars, and it is really beautiful and I put fake flowers in it. It’s nice. Hey, I can take a picture? BRB

Okay, here’s my kitchen.

Here’s the flowers in the bedroom.

That’s Gertrude’s ‘cave’ showing under the table. I’m not a very good photographer, but you get the idea? I have half-curtains in the bedroom windows, because I like to see out. I close the bigger black-out drapes when it’s really cold out. Once I got up in the wee hours to go across the street to the park and watch a meteor shower. I live in a very safe town, so no problem there, except I got cold. Back in bed, looked up and saw meteors flying by from South to North, which it the way my windows all face. Now that was pretty darn cool.

Remembered the word: jardiniere. Bowl-shaped vase, sometimes with a stand.

>Why, yes, I am up.

>Got up at 9am. Arrrgggghhhh. Inspector should be here any minute. I am up and dressed and coffee’d. Right there it’s been a good day. He is going to yell at me again (not literally) because the ceiling hasn’t been painted again after the a/c leaked that time. Hey, do I look like the maintenance man? Don’t answer that. I’m going to tell him to yell at the owner, not me.

It’s gotten colder the past couple of days, but at least it’s sunny and not dark in here. I have done some more arranging/decluttering, but not done yet. Every little bit, though. A feeling of accomplishment is a good thing to have.

>The Delivery

It came. At 8:30 am. Woken out of a sound sleep by the buzzer. Been sitting here at computer ever since. It’s 11am. Trying to get my brain to kick in, but it’s not happening. Too fogged even to go make coffee til now. It was FedEx. UPS never comes in the morning. Mailman, either. All my plans for the day are now questionable. If I can’t get it together, I will have to go back to bed and sleep some more. Then I’ll be awake half the night or more. At least it’s not so dark out today. I actually see a bit of blue sky. Okay, folks. Whine over.

BTW, hated the green, changed it back. Obviously. Grumble, grumble, grumble. Whine really over now. I hope.