>Boxing Day

>I went to my friends’ yesterday. I was tired, but felt pretty good otherwise. It was just the three of us and her brother, whom I had met before. We had a lovely dinner and then played games. Poker was one. I don’t play poker, but I won the first hand by bluffing. Yay, me. It was a very fun day and I really enjoyed myself. Then I came home. Misery, misery, misery. Remember the face hurting from the other day? Apparently I am severely allergic to either the paint or the window caulk that the super used, cause I was fine while I was out, but I have been sneezing and feeling horrible since I got home yesterday. Face hurting and all. I could open the windows and try for fresh air and freeze, or I can just sneeze and feel rotten some more. Choices, choices. I hope everyone had a lovely, fun, and happy Christmas, and no allergies.