>It’s pouring rain. I do love rain. All the blossoms are gone from the flowering pears across the street. They were lovely for a bit more than a week, and now it’s all green. I guess that means it’s almost summer. I was very tired and achy every day since my last post, and didn’t do much of anything. Feeling better today, but a little achy still. I think I’m going to get the futon put together this weekend, but meanwhile, I have been liking sleeping on the new couch. It’s very comfortable. I tried the futon mattress again, with some big pillows under it to cushion, but it still wasn’t very comfortable. I also ordered two wrought iron bookcases, which are cheaper than wood and hold more books. Finally going to get rid of the last of those awful plastic ones. They are just a wee bit warped after twenty some years of holding books. I’d already gotten rid of most of them, but needed someplace to keep my books. Looking forward to tossing them. I feel very rambling-ish, so that’s all for now.