>Not Quite the Bluebird of Happiness Yet

>But I am feeling somewhat better. Just writing about my feelings helped, and the comment was nice, too. Still sad, but not really ready to cry all the time. Who would think a little four-legged beastie would have such an effect on one’s life?

The weather has been great. A few thunderstorms here and there, lots of clouds, but mostly just coolish and not too humid. Perfect summer weather, if you ask me. Had to reschedule my nutritionist appointment tomorrow since my ride is sick. Got a later-in-the-day one on rescheduling. I don’t do mornings well.

Would really like to get some results from all the tests I’ve had, but until I hear from new doctor, I guess it’s just wait and wait some more. Still feel fine, though.

Got a new toy for the Gertrude. She’s interested, but still too wary to come right out and play with it. It’s a ball in a circular thing that she can bat to make it go around. There’s a scratch-pad in the middle, too. She is not the scratcher that Simon was, apparently. She seems to be getting a teensy bit braver today. Actually came out and went into the kitchen a while ago. I am doing twice daily feedings of 1/4 cup dry mixed with a small spoonful of canned instead of having dry food out all the time. I can tell who’s eating what now since there’s only one who’s doing the eating. I’ve really learned quickly who made all the messes, too, and it wasn’t her.