>Another update

Looking back over my posts, I realize I didn’t mention my Christmas. It was excellent. I spent the day at my friends’ house, had my favorite meal for dinner (steak on the grill) and relaxed and chatted and laughed and had a wonderful time. I also did NOT take the bus to the store that day I mentioned it.

>Blog Update

I decided to fancy up my blog by adding the links to blogs I read on a regular basis. I do like to read, and they are a varied lot. Bad grammar? I think my favorite is A Year At Oak Cottage, because the pictures are beautiful and the writing is very, very descriptive and lyrical and lovely. So if anyone else actually does read this, I hope you will check some of the blogs out.

We are in for a huge snowstorm, it seems. Although December was supposedly the snowiest month on record for the Boston area, it seems like it hardly snowed at all here. I bought new ice grippers for my shoes from RevelSports.com in Wisconsin. Last thing I need is to fall and break something. So maybe I will actually get to use them, along with my beautiful Sorel boots I bought when I was working. It’s not supposed to start snowing til midnight, and I can hardly wait. I love watching the snow fall.