>It’s that uncomfortable summer weather that I don’t love. Hot and sticky. But after two days with the a/c running, I needed some outside air last night, so up went the windows and off went the a/c. It’s supposed to cool off a bit later, so I’m toughing it out until then.

Been hearing about the Republicans breaking ranks with Moron Man, and wonder what will come out of it. Who can know the best course of action, but it does seem that the one we’re taking is not working. A person who gets an idea in their head, like the pres., and then can’t see anything else, also like the pres., is dangerous. You have to be open to other options, step back and study the effect of what you’re doing now, and be willing to change the plan if need be. I really hope the next person who buys his/her way into office will at least have that quality about him/her.

Slightly disillusioned about my country? You could say so. I’m distressed about the way things are, with money the only consideration in most things, although that is not true for everyone, thank goodness. But I think of a man I encountered who thought the solution to the oil problem was for the third world to stop having children and needing food, so that he could keep operating his SUV cheaply and guilt-free.

But the sun is shining, and fluffy white clouds are racing across the blue sky. From the south, unfortunately, but still. Once they start coming from the north, you know things are getting better, weather-wise. It’s summer.

2 thoughts on “>Summer

  1. A while ago I saw a bumper sticker, “if you can’t feed them, don’t breed them”, it was on an SUV. It made me pretty upset, almost insulted. There are certain things that money should never have power over, like the joy of holding a newborn baby in one’s arms. The rich cannot wish the poor unhappiness.

    Just got reminded of that by the SUV guy in your post. What he doesn’t know is that his SUV has a catalytic convertor made up of precious metals from some third world country, mined by the same people he wishes would stop having children. I’m slowly learning not to get worked up by such stickers or comments.

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