>It”s the sixth of June, 61 degrees, breezy and gorgeous. 61 degrees in June! Not being a hot, sticky weather lover, I am happy. The weather is certainly getting interesting as we get deeper into the global warming phenomenon. We are fortunate here not to have really bad storms as are happening in other areas close to us.

It’s done. The house is sold. Now the guilt that I didn’t get a better price, fear that I’m going to wind up owing, rather than inheriting, money. Wishing I could have been there for my mom, sorry that the family’s only asset is gone. Nothing is ever easy, is it? But it’s done. Relief.

I am cleaning (slowly) the messes from the week I was the most ill, and the lousy homemaker didn’t bother with. Otherwise good. Feeling much better, and pacing myself so I don’t relapse. Simon is resting on the desk next to the keyboard, Gertrude is under the bed as usual, Tess will be here soon (Coolatta’s?), life is good.