>Had another good day today. Went to Walmart with Tess and got a bunch of things I’ve been needing: a new drain board, a paring knife, a catnip toy for Simon and Gertrude, and two pillows for the sofa so it is actually comfortable to sit/lie on. And they rang up at 25% less than the tag price. I love/hate Walmart. Then Coolattas and play with Tess’s puppy, who loves me. She is sooooo cute and fun. Then exhaustion, but a good day overall.

2 thoughts on “>Shopping

  1. >Ya know, I can’t stand drain boards. They get all icky and there’s never enough room; I’m thrilled that nearly everywhere I’ve lived had/has a double sink cuz the 2nd side is for the clean stuff! Yodata

  2. >I only have one sink, because there’s a dishwasher. But I don’t use it because I hate unloading it. I do each day’s dishes when I’m able so there’s only a few to put away at a time. The one I got was 5.00 and it’s the board and drainer attached together, it’s slanted and has an opening over the sink to drain. It’s red, but it was that or plastic white. ICK.

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