With more than just exhaustion and weakness, though. In many ways, I am better than I was before the hospital. Much less pain, back is better, less brain fog. All good things, but all make me realize how limited my life has become. I want to go to Target and get a couple of bath towels I found on line. I can’t go to Target. How would I get there? Would I have enough energy to get back home after. Taking the bus needs a lot of energy. I have never used Lyft, although my DD encourages me to try it. I am leery of doing things alone, because when I get tired, my brain stops working and I can’t think of how/what/when/why. My friend that I used to do things with has made a lot of new friends and has a whole new life now, one I am no longer really part of. One of the hazards of chronic illness, people drop away, and you are just left behind. I should be used to it. I am used to it. It’s still hard, though. So, as one of my children once said, ‘oh, let’s all feel sorry for mom.’ But don’t. Not looking for pity, just there is no one to talk to and so here I am.

On a much brighter note, the myofascial release my therapist did on my hip actually seems to have completely fixed the problem. No more pain, no keeping me awake cause I can’t get comfortable. It took about five or ten minutes in one spot on my hip, and voila! Miracles happen, it seems.

Today is meant to be the hottest of this run, and tomorrow will start to cool down. According to Wunderground ten-day forecast, anyway. Still okay with windows open and just a fan blowing on me. Yay.

I cooked. Bacon. And baked a potato. Have not cooked in some time. And I think it’s all ready now, so lunch it is. Or late breakfast. Got up at noon, cause I was really, really tired.

Stay safe, wear your masks, and if you’re living in this heat, drink a lot of water. d:)

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