I am getting better. Finally. Was able to do a few things yesterday, dishes, clean off the stove, move a couple of small things. Better. And today, the Occupational Therapist had some helpful exercises to do to get my body moving more easily first thing, when it is always hardest to walk or stand straight or whatever. She also did some gentle massage on my back, and then I could stand straight and walk easily. Wow! I am impressed. Really hope it lasts, but not going to hold my breath. LOL

It is very hot and icky outside, but I still have the windows open and just a fan blowing on me and am quite comfortable. Amazing. I refuse to use the central air because the filters have not been changed nor the ducts cleaned in several years, and not likely to happen any time soon. Landlords. Not my favorite group of people. Someone pointed out that dirty ducts and filters could be a fire hazard, too. Oh, yay. I’m sure other people in my building probably are using the central air, and their filters and ducts have not been cleaned, either.

My DD and her S.O., and two of my good friends all have covid. They are all vaccinated and I know my DD is super cautious, so be as safe as you possibly can. Wear your mask, even if you think you don’t need to. The life you save could be yours, or it could be someone you love. This is apparently not going away and just keeps mutating, so the idea that it’s over is just not true. Sucks, I know, but it is what it is and we need to learn to live it it I guess.

Wish it would rain. It used to rain for days at a time, but that never happens any more. I like rain. Drat. Oh, well. Be safe, be kind, and have as much fun as you possibly can every single day.

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