What happened? I had a good day. I cleared off the table. I rearranged the kitchen and got the cart out of there finally. Of course that means everything is now in the bedroom, but it’s kind of just the box room now, anyway. I sleep on the couch. Tomorrow may be a unable to move kind of day, but I got things done. You cannot imagine how good that feels after so long being barely functional. Pictures. That one of the floor is my homemaker’s idea of clean. She’s really nice, though. 🙂 And I need to get a wall-mount lamp. The overhead lights do not work, and the landlord does not care. 🙂

There was a cart there with the microwave and toaster oven and it was such a pain to move it everytime I needed to open the dishwasher. So gone. Finally. Still a work in progress which is why the stove is a mess.
That’s the flower pot that is corroding or something. It’s going out. Way out.
NOT a clean floor, but I just love the cat dish.

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