Past few have not been great. Today I pretty much slept all day after a not great night. Chronic pain is not your friend. It’s gray and cold and supposed to rain later. I like rain.

My friends got me some ready meals, heat and eat, etc., to tide me over this setback. Yay. Nuke and eat. My kind of food right now.

ready meals Canada
ready meals UK
Similar to the store-made one I just had. Turkey meatloaf, mash, and corn. Side of gravy.

Reading my two or three days of email, I had 75 earlier, and there is so little good news out there. I think the population has outgrown the planet and we are causing a major disaster, partly just because of the huge number of us, partly because the greed and short-sightedness of so many of us. Our Supreme Court, mainly conservatives appointed by Republicans, are even going against fighting climate change, or so I have read. You can’t avoid this, no matter how much I would like to. I am pleased to see that Russia is suffering actual consequences for invading the Ukraine. Unfortunately, the ones who will suffer the most are the ones who have no say in it anyway. Just regular people trying to go about their lives. Too bad we don’t dole out consequences for the Republican Nazis in our own country.

Got an email from my local library about little things for adults. This one is painting a bird house. It’s in the afternoon, too. I am generally awake in the afternoon. πŸ™‚ But I can’t sign up for it or anything else, because there is no way to know if I would be able to go on the day, and it isn’t fair to take a slot from someone who CAN use it. So that’s that. Not that I particularly want to paint a bird house, but just getting out of here and doing something would be nice.

Sorry, not feeling very cheery today. Gray days will do that, unless it’s snowing or pouring rain. Those make me happy. πŸ™‚ Not feeling great again does not help, either. It’s always such a big let-down when I realize that ‘well, the good days were great, but are gone, gone, gone, yet again’. Bah. Also, Humbug!! It’s why I try to do as much as I can on those good days., You play the hand you are dealt, and make the best of what you have and can do. That’s all I’ve got. Stay safe, people.


  1. Ready meals are handy and much better than they used to be. I sometimes get a family size lasagna and chop it into 3 bits, one gets cooked for dinner that night, the rest goes in the freezer for later for an easy dinner.

    • Oh, I could do that. Sometimes I don’t think of things like that. I normally avoid large items, because I just think I’ll be eating it forever. Freezers are a thing, Jean. Duh! But, my freezer is not very big. 😦 There is a company on the Cape that makes frozen pies. like Shepard’s pie or Spinach and Feta pie, and I sometimes freeze individual portions after I’ve baked it. They make mini-breakfast pies, too, which are actually like a turnover filled with eggs and things. They make a really good crust. It’s owned by two women. Support woman-owned business, especially when the food is really, really good. πŸ™‚ It’s Spring, finally. Is it Autumn there now? It’s always weird to me to think of Christmas in the middle of summer. What do you celebrate in the middle of winter? Anything? Solstice? Not being religious, I like to think of Christmas as more Solstice celebrations, which it was before being co-opted by religion. Any excuse for presents is a good thing, right? Stay safe.

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