Here’s a quote from something I was reading. “The U.S. has an illusion of free-market competition in internet service.” This kind of made me laugh, because the U.S. has an illusion of free-market competition in most things, but it really is just an illusion. Competition is disappearing because our government allows companies like Amazon or Microsoft or whoever to buy up anyone who might compete with them. Allows them to buy up companies with better products and destroy them. Lets them do pretty much whatever they want. Pretty soon, one company is going to own everything, and what exactly do we think is going to happen to price and quality then. They can charge what they want and make products as shoddy as they want, and there will be no recourse for us poor consumers out here. Actually, that kind is already happening in some sectors. It’s like the news outlets being allowed to all be owned by one company in an area. This used to be illegal, but now we pretty much get one point of view, probably that right-wing jackass Murdoch’s point of view. Anyway.

The other thing is I am seeing a lot about book-banning and other things that go against the grain. A library board down south has given themselves the power to ban books. One person can cause a book to be banned if the local board is friendly to their prejudices and bigotry and whatever else excuses they use to ban books. So what can we do? How can people step up and fight what is happening in every little town in the U.S.? Start our own libraries? Hand out banned books on street corners? I don’t have the answers, but you know, looking at what is happening in the Ukraine, how individual citizens are fighting back in ways that would not necessary have occurred to me, gives me hope that if people realize what we are losing by standing by and doing nothing, maybe things can change. I certainly hope so. It is frightening, what is happening in my country, and how much it seems to reflect what happened in Germany. What went on that allowed Hitler and his Nazis to take over the country and start a World War and exterminate millions of people. Can’t happen hear, you say? Sorry, but it’s already started. No mass exterminations yet, but surely you can see it happening down the road if we don’t to something to stop them in their tracks NOW. Not later, when it is too late to matter.

Complacency is our enemy. “Why should I care? Nothing bad is happening to me personally.’ That will do it.

We need to step up, people. We need to get them out of our government, out of our libraries, out of our schools. We need to fight back or we as a country are done. Don’t really understand why the Republicans are fighting so hard to this to happen, but we need to fight back. Please. And stay safe. Mandates or no, wear your mask and save lives, not just your own,

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