Japanese Quilt by ?????

Did not want to get up, so I didn’t til 10:30. Was gray, i was feeling very lonely and alone, and Gertrude didn’t even come over to say ‘feed me, feed me’. So bah. Also, humbug. But then I made coffee and turned on my caramelldansen station on Pandora on my FireStick on my tv. Bouncy music for the win.

I am making a perked coffee every day in my one-cup stove top percolator. Turn the small burner on high, heat water in electric kettle, meanwhile add 2 big scoops coffee to basket. Pour boiling kettle water into pot to about half an inch below the holes, add basket works, put on burner. Perks almost instantly and I turn it to medium till water turns brown, then to med/low for however many minutes. Today I did 8. Stronger is better when you are down in the dumps. I then pour it through a damp melitta filter into the mug, add dairy (real dairy, not soy, oat, almond, whatever). Put mug on candle warmer and dive into my email.

Usually I eat breakfast first, but nothing appealed today. And the sun finally came out. Partly cloudy, but lots of blue sky and sunshine. Opened a window in the living room early, then one in the bedroom later. Bathroom fan on drawing in fresh air. It’s all good. You have to take the good where you can find it, right? Sometimes being alone just plain sucks, so I have to work to not spiral into that black hole. Never want to go there again, for sure.

Not black, I know. LOL

Here’s the last vestiges of snow which will be gone tomorrow, and then Friday another snow storm. Close to 70 today, snow storm day after tomorrow. I love New England. 🙂

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