Sort of. Very fine and not sticking at all. Bigger flakes earlier. Started out the day with clear sunny skies, then gray just sort of meandered it’s way across from west to east. And now snow. I do like snow.

Headline from a newsletter I get has three tips to avoid impluse buying. I have that figured out already. Get your packages stolen from the outer lobby. Cannot tell you how much impulse buying I have NOT done since this started a couple of months ago. LOL

Not as good as I have been, was awake most of the night, but it was entirely my fault because I was binge-watching Ted Lasso. I am going to dump Apple tv+ til the new season is out, because I just do not like the interface they have and there is nothing else I really want to watch on there anyway. So. Saving 5.00 a month while eagerly awaiting Ted Lasso season 3. As I was binging, I kept saying to myself, ‘God, I love this show’. The only other show I did that with was The West Wing. I really loved that show. How we wish things could be, instead of the incredible mess they really are. Remember how upset they were when Clinton got in? A redneck from the south? What? Cannot have that, now can we? Well, they went completely berserk when an actual black person got in. My country is such a disappointment. We got a good start on getting things somewhat right with Obama, but because the racists couldn’t cope, we then got the orange clown disgrace and look how well that went for those of us who are not enthralled by Fox News. Nothing lasts forever, I keep telling myself, and hopefully people’s brains will suddenly kick in and start working, and actual, rational thinking will ensue. Yep. That’s going to happen.

Making pesto pizza with store-bought pizza dough and Rana’s pesto, which is quite tasty. Also making chocolate bread, which I think I said is a Lindt bar wrapped in pizza dough and baked. I pkg of dough is enough to make both items. Dinner and dessert. LOL Actually I used to make the chocolate bread for Christmas breakfast with bread dough I made myself. Kids loved it. Me, too. Chocolate bread and coffee for the grownups, the bread and milk or cocoa for the kids, presents, real breakfast. Christmas. I miss it. My Christmas is now me and the cat.

Mine were never this fancy.

Going to finish Ted Lasso when I get done on here. Fun times. Something happy to look forward to. Yay.

Nate and the guys
Trent Crimm, The Independent
Jamie Tartt

Roy Kent Roy Kent He’s Here He’s There He’s Every F’ing Where Roy Kent Roy Kent

Okay, I’m a little delirious today. 🙂

2 thoughts on “IT’S SNOWING

    • It’s very, very easy to make. Actually, you can just stick a piece of chocolate into a warm bun and eat that. The better the chocolate, the better the whole thing. I am currently addicted to Lindt Classic Recipe bars, which are made in NH. My friend Nancy and I used to go there and buy the truffles. Just past Exeter, if you remember where Exeter is. 🙂

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