Dell and Warranties

Just read an article. This one:

So I am not the only one. Here’s my post about my fun with Dell and their warranties:

Here’s the email I sent them:

“Dear Dell
I have decided to try this means of letting you know how unhappy I am with this purchase.
This is my fourth Dell, and the first time I have had any issues. I purchased this laptop (Inspiron 15 5000, Series 5570) on November 18 , 2018, and set it up November 28th. Fine. Early in January I noticed it was making a hissing sound. I was advised by your people to return it for repair, which I did. I turned it into fedex on January 19, 2019, and it was received by you January 23rd. I was notified some time later that the part was on back-order and there would be a delay. Okay. I was notified a while after that the part was still not available, and did I wish a replacement instead, which would be comparable or perhaps an upgrade. Well, fine. That sounds reasonable, although it’s a new laptop, why do you not have parts for it? Anyway, I received the replacement, and the first thing I saw was a ‘refurbished’ sticker. Wait. I sent a new laptop for repair and was returned a used laptop. I then spent 40 minutes speaking to someone in India, who I could only understand about half of what he said. It mostly boiled down to wanting me to buy protection or telling me (my words here) that the year warranty only applies to parts that work. Those that don’t automatically revert to a thirty-day warranty, which I am now well past. Or to tell me that the refurbished one will work just fine, so what is my problem? (Again, my words.) I reiterated several times that sending me a used laptop to replace my NEW one which had an issue was unacceptable, but it seems there was no recourse for me. So I resigned myself to having spent close to 600 dollars for a used laptop.
Then I discovered that no, it does not work fine. I tried everything, reset it, ran every scan, called FIOS to come and check their equipment, but to no avail. Pages don’t load, load to a white screen with an address, screen randomly goes black, it takes several minutes from turning it on to get anywhere online. My old laptop. which I was replacing because it had gotten so clunky, works better. My ten year old desktop works better than either laptop.
So I am an extremely unhappy customer, and my fourth Dell will be my last. Good customer service is apparently only a fond memory, and Dell’s reputation has suffered greatly in my estimation. Sincerely, xxxxxxxx, Unhappy Customer.”

I now have an HP, which works just fine. So I guess this is just a ‘buyer beware’ kind of post.

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