I Need To Rant

Dell.  My old laptop is slowly dying away, so I bought a new one.  It developed an issue about a month later.  I chatted, they had me send it back for repairs.  They then said it would be a while as they didn’t have the part.  Okay.  Was supposed to finally get it on the fourth.  That day, someone from Dell called to tell me the part would not be available till weeks from now, but I could do an exchange.  Fine.  If I buy something that is broken, or falls apart soon thereafter, I take it back and they give me a new one instead.  Right?  Wrong.  The laptop came today and has a big sticker saying ‘refurbished’.  Wait, I paid almost 600 dollars for a new laptop, it has an issue that was NOT caused by me, and I get a used laptop in return.  I just spent an hour on the phone with Dell,  three different people in two different divisions, only to wind up with, ‘Tough luck.  A year warranty only means it’s a year for things that don’t break.  Things that do break are only covered for thirty days.’  Well, words to that effect.  Let me tell you, I did some yelling, because frustration does not even describe how I was feeling after being told over and over that it’s thirty days and this one will work fine so what’s your problem, Jean?  Loud screaming going on here.  I actually finally hung up on the third guy.  Apparently, in Dell’s world, exchange and replacement are not the same thing, but nobody bothers to mention that.  This is my fourth and last Dell.  Just so you know.

On the Cymbalta front, after taking it for three days, I pretty much slept or was in lala land the next three days.  It did help with the pain, though, I think.  So I skipped a few days and took it this morning.  So far I am still awake.




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