Major Flare

Fun, fun, fun. This is the second time recently I’ve noticed a connection between the weather and a flare. It was 62 yesterday. It is 78 today. It actually started yesterday, with various pains. My fingers ached. My arms, too. Pains in my legs. But annoying is all. Did not sleep well, and woke up to the alarm feeling like many, many semis had run over me. This one is gorgeous, though.

So slept most of the day, am up now and sprayed a couple of window glides with WD40, and opened one in the bedroom. Am going to attempt to open one by the desk in a minute. I hope. Have to move a couple of things, like the plants and the small, light desk in order to get decent leverage and not do more back damage. Someday I am going to live in a nice place, with windows that work, hardwood floors instead of eons-old crappy wall-to-wall, and better closets. New stove and dishwasher. A porch, balcony or possible an actual yard. (I almost typed ‘garden’, I read way too much Brit fiction.) Hey, if you’re going to dream, dream big, right? However, an actual garden would be nice, although I doubt I can take care of one now.

I feel really terrible, but I am used to it. How great is that? Not great at all, let me tell you, but after more than two decades of chronic illness, you either get used to it, or you cannot survive.

Warming up the last of my shepherd’s pie, which is actually cottage pie by what I’ve read because it’s made with beef not lamb. I make my own version of this, which we always called Nancy’s Casserole, because I got the recipe from a friend named Nancy lo these many years ago and being from Colorado I had never heard of shepherd’s pie. Brown the ground beef, add a can of drained veg of choice although I love creamed corn in it, add a jar of chicken or turkey gravy, top with mashed potatoes and seven pounds of grated cheddar. Well, maybe not SEVEN pounds, but a good bit. I like cheese. Bake at 350 F for 30 minutes. Dinner. Yum. You can do it all right in the iron skillet, too, from browning to baking. Use good beef so not much grease to drain off.

Am in a much better frame of mind than yesterday. It comes and goes. Sometimes I am just so angry and hopeless and then I kind of rally and just try to get on with things. You can’t stay angry all the time, you need to compartmentalize, like with pain, so it doesn’t consume your entire being. My being wants to have fun, people. Miss G has a vet visit next Tuesday, and I am hoping to be well enough to go with my friend Tess, who is taking her there. You call when you get there, once they answer, which can take many, many redials, they come out and get the pet, then when the pet is ready, I assume they call you and you pick her up and pay with your phone. Not sure how that works, but Tess has done it with her dog, so she’ll know. If I am up for going, we are going to Dunkin Donuts for frozen coffee. Just sit in the car and drink and chat. It’s a good thing. We used to do it regularly, but it’s only been one time since mid-March. This will be the second time I’ve gone out, except for when we had the fire alarm. Tess is out and about all the time, shopping, visiting friends (outdoors with masks) and I admit to being a bit concerned for her.

Gertrude has turned out to be the best cat, after that whole ‘let me destroy everything in sight’ phase. She comes up and rubs her face on mine, stands back, repeats, then goes about her business. How can you not love that?

Okay, my warmed up dinner has dinged the toaster oven, so if anyone has connected flares and weather and wants to tell me about it, I’d love the comments. Thank you, dear readers.

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