Good Morning

The flare is over. One day flare. Had those many, many times. Slept all day, up a few hours, slept all night. Woke up feeling okay, and the back isn’t even too bad so far.

Reading my emails, which I absolutely should not do first thing.

From The Guardian:

James Baker will vote for Trump. The Republican former secretary of state told the authors of a new biography he considered voting for Biden but decided re-electing Trump “was worth it to get conservative judges, tax cuts and deregulation”.

If you think any of them are on your side, are looking out for your best iterests, this is what they are really looking out for. I may have mentioned that even Bill Gates has said he would vote for Trump if it meant no tax increase. How rich is he? Those taxes that we have to pay because we are not rich enough to hire lawyers who specialize in finding loopholes, those taxes pay for infrastructure, police, fire, healthcare, schools, etc. If you already have more money than you can spend in several lifetimes, why would giving up a bit of it to make the world better for everyone else be such a bad thing? Just so you know the kind of people you are voting for, or allowing to succeed by failing to vote.

Also from The Guardian

Donald Trump fuelled growing concerns about his post-election intentions on Wednesday, when he refused to commit to a peaceful transfer of power should he lose in November

If you think this isn’t the end of our country, I think you may well be very, very wrong.

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