Does Anyone Care?

Everywhere I look, it’s the orange man did this, the orange man knew that, the orange man is scum. Do any of his worshipers really care? Can you tell anyone in a cult anything negative about their cult leader and expect it to make any kind of difference to them? I don’t think so. When you are that level of brainwashed, there is no changing your mind about anything. The only recourse we have is to get out and vote. Vote them out. Stand up for what is right.

I am good. Yay. Except for the back thing and not being able to stand up for more than a minute or so at a time. Hard to get anything done that way. Happy to have a homemaker coming, even if there is a risk involved. I need the help right now. Had a bit of a scare yesterday, though. She opened the door several times without me even noticing, since I was laptopping, and when she was leaving, asked where the cat went. OMG. Called Miss G, rattled the treat jar, called some more. No cat. We looked everywhere for her. Homemaker left. Called Miss G some more. Waited awhile. Called her again. No cat. Here is a person who can barely stand. Mustered my paltry resources and went to both stairwells while leaning heavily on the cane and the wall, opened the doors and called the cat. Simon used to escape and run up the stairs. Anyway, got on the elevator, called her and checked the halls on all four floors, no cat. Came back, opened door. Cat. Really, Gertrude. You usually come when I call you, and always come for treats. WTF? Did not panic, but was imagining life without her or having to go door to door to see if anyone took her in. I would have to get someone to come and do that for me, though, cause I cannot stand long enough for that. So Miss G and I are going to work on the whole ‘come when I call you, gosh darn it’ thing.

It is a humid, gray day. Maybe it will do some real rain later. We are in a drought here in Southeastern Mass. Better than being in California right now, though. I cannot imagine trying to breath in that mess, mask or no, especially if you have asthma like I do. They did warn us these things would happen. Decades ago. No one cared, though, because doing something might interfere with their profit margins, and we all know that is a definite no. Profit above any and everything else. Capitalism for the win, if you are an extremely rich white guy. Not so winning for the rest of us. Also Suckerberg just seems worse and worse the more I read about him. I miss a few people I followed on Instagram, but otherwise, do not regret no Facebook at all. Orange sky, anyone?

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