Nothing Much Going On Here

I acquired thirteen new followers on Tumbler, most yesterday, but one or two today. I get a new follower every now and then, not often at all. Not complaining, of course, but weird. What did I post that was so great? Someone called me a shitty person on there, maybe that was it.

Am I a shitty person? Probably. I’ve spent most of my life being confused, because I do not understand social cues or rules or whatever, and have always felt like I spent most of my time saying and/or doing the wrong thing and not knowing what was wrong about it. Mild Asperger’s. Self-diagnosed through Asperger site’s online tests. Explains a lot. I am more like Sheldon than Leonard or Penny.

It is not pleasant to think you may have been a shitty person and not even realized it, but that’s the breaks, right? Too old to get overly upset about it now, but does make me see myself in a new light. Not necessarily a good one. 😦

In other news, my friend Tess went to Boston with her friends yesterday, fell and hit her head and fractured some ribs. Big hole in a grate on the sidewalk. Really, Boston. Cover it up or plant something in it or whatever. She is okay, but I can imagine not feeling that great today. Weirdly enough, I hadn’t heard from her yesterday, which is not at all unusual, and yet I felt worried that I hadn’t, which is unusual. Yes, I am psychic. So is she. LOLOL Actually, we do sometimes notice weird things like that. Glad the head injury wasn’t serious, although she said it bled a lot. They all went to lunch afterwards. Hello, I am bleeding all over the place, but I’m hungry so please serve me lunch. She said the waitress brought her ice in a towel or something. I have strange friends.

Have a whole list of things I want to cook, and I can barely stand up long enough to pour the water into the cup for tea. I love tea, btw. Irish Breakfast or Tetley’s, especially. Wish I knew how to fix the back thing, because it is seriously impacting my ability to do anything at all. I have tried ice, and I have tried using the heat pad. Neither helped, although the heat pad feels great. Once I stand up, though, any benefit immediately vanishes.

I am avoiding anything political or virus-related or just unpleasant in general. I have really had it with being angry and feeling helpless. If the idiots are going to vote them back in, and the country goes down the tubes, there is nothing I can do but try to survive the consequences. Same with my family. I wish I was the rich mother everyone could count on for help, but unfortunately I am not.

Not a bad day overall, although I was really tired last night, fell asleep early, woke up early, and after taking meds and hygiene and all, fell back asleep until 1:30. Woke up a few times but literally could not keep my eyes open for more than a few seconds. Did I drug myself and forget about it? I don’t have any knock-out drugs, so that can’t be it. Had canned beets and cooked a black and blue burger for dinner. Put frozen burger in skillet, cook five minutes while sitting at desk, flip, cook five minutes, repeat all twice more. Well-done burger. Very little standing. Black and blue burgers are from my favorite grocery store, Market Basket (well, fav after Trader Joe’s) and have blue cheese mixed in the meat and each patty is rolled in crushed black pepper. Oh, yum. They are only available in the summer, so I always freeze some to have on hand.

Okay, I guess that’s it. Stay safe, people. And please, think of someone other than yourself, wear a mask, and vote them out.

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