Did I Mention This Before?

Cool Whip is fake whipped cream. There is a recipe online to make fake Cool Whip. It’s whipped cream.

It has cooled off dramatically, and I am now wearing my favorite long-sleeved shirt. Beautiful day, fluffy white clouds, breezy. It’s all good. I went back up to 7 mg prednisone yesterday, because I was just getting less and less able to move every day since I went down to 6. Already better today. Not great, but better. Also took the 8-hour Tylenol and am hoping to actually do some food prep today. I googled how to eat healthy without having to do food prep, but came up with nothing unless I want to buy meals on line, which I would if the darn delivery services would bring packages to my door like they used to instead of just dumping them in the lobby. If I can’t move, I can’t go down and lug up packages. Frustrating. They stopped proper delivery long before the pandemic, so that’s not their excuse for poor service. I don’t know what is. UPS was always great, FedEx was always terrible, but no difference now. Terrible all around.

I’m not looking forward to winter, because closed windows and feeling even more isolated. Even during the summer, I closed the windows on a really yucky day and my mood just plummeted. I need that feeling of connection to the outdoors, but even if I could stand being frozen, I can’t do that to Miss G. She’s still a bebe. Well, she’s 15 months old. Still a bebe to me. If I continue on the road to feeling better, I am hoping to be able to play with her more. Some days I could not do it at all, and she needs the exercise and the fun. She is a real sweetheart, and I want to do my best for her.

This is my futon, but the mattress is different and the color is lighter. Like you care. LOL I’m thinking that maybe if I could stop sleeping on the couch it might help my back, but for some unknown to me reason I cannot sleep on the futon. Even if I sleep, I wake up feeling like I need to go to bed, and wind up sleeping half the day away on the couch. I’d open it up to a bed and try that again, but I do not have the strength right now. Maybe a new mattress for it would help, but I am not Mrs Gotrocks. Life is hard. Good thing there are funny videos on line. And QI. I do love QI.

Hoping the country, and the world, gets a brain soon and works to change the mess this administration has created for us. And the English government is just as bad, so get those brains working, you Brits.

Oh, heck. Something delicious-smelling is cooking somewhere and the aroma is blowing right in my windows. Drat. I’d really like a pizza and mozzarella sticks, but Papa Gino’s won’t guarantee that the driver will bring them up to my door, so no pizza for Jean. 😦 Living alone is hard when you are kind of house-bound. No one to go out and get the things you want/need for you. On the other hand, and yes, I always say this, there is always an other hand, no one to have to worry about. Just the cat. She’s pretty darn self-sufficient, so long as I put out food and water and scoop the litter box every time I go into the bathroom. Also, cats are bendy. I like bendy. I may have mentioned that before, too. 🙂 Stay safe, and please vote them out. Thank you.

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