I Need A Good Joke Here, But…..

This is from The Daily Kos. This is just mind-bogglingly depressing to think that our elected officials are this kind of people, and that people actually keep voting for them. That’s the worst bit.

To make matters worse, Trump has compared the police shooting of Jacob Blake to a missed golf putt, and has even defended the murderer of the two protestors.

As these events unfolded, Democratic Gov. Tony Evers called for a special session to address police reform within the state. By law, the Republican-led state legislature complied, but then adjourned the session after 30 seconds. Wisconsin state law doesn’t require lawmakers to participate or vote on bills during a special session — they can simply convene the session and adjourn, which is what they did.

Wisconsin state Republicans have been playing power games like this for over a decade. They have shown little regard for democracy, civil rights, working families and now even the lives of the people of Wisconsin. With elections in November, Wisconsin Republicans are hoping to pick up even more seats and secure a supermajority where they can have the power to override the Democratic Governor’s vetoes and stop any real progress that could happen.

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