It’s a Good Day

If I don’t catch the virus. Homemaker came and completely cleaned the kitchen in half an hour, and offered to come back Friday to do more. Then I ordered Chinese food I have not had Chinese food in six months or more. It is soooo good. I do wonder why we don’t get the variety of Chinese food they get in England, going by what I read in fan fiction. They have all sorts of interesting-sounding dishes I would love to try. We get breaded fried chicken with pink corn syrup sauce. How is that sweet and sour chicken. They don’t even sell sweet and sour pork anymore. But right now, I am just happy to have Chinese food again. I ordered a lot, because I tip well and want it to count for something, so I have at least three meals here. Yay. Ignoring the shit today, as much as I can, too.

Saw a very nice show on Britbox last night. McDonald & Dodds. I liked it a lot, and it is filmed in Bath, which I’ve never really seen and is beautiful. I will never get to England, but if I did, I would definitely go there. Anyway, really good show if you like quirky cop shows. Which I do. I do like Britbox. Worth the money, in my opinion. Lots of good British shows. Acorn tv is good, too. Why just stick to Netflix when for a few dollars a month you can get a lot more.

Also, it rained all afternoon, which was fantastic! Happy, happy Jean is happy happy. 🙂ethan barnowsky

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