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My homemaker, the one I sent home two weeks ago and did not come last week, is not coming anymore, since it turns out she also works in a nursing home which also now has a case of covid-19. It can take up to two weeks for symptoms to appear, if they appear at all and you’re not just a walking contagion. Glad I sent her away two weeks ago. A different person is coming today to shop and take out trash.

Feeling really awful. Back, of course, and cannot take meds for it because of stomach problems cause by them, am hoping to get a roll-on lidocaine thing if the grocery store has it, otherwise I will have to order it from No-Longer-Amazing. Off balance, and have almost fallen over three times in the last couple of days. No idea why. Allergies effecting my equilibrium? Allergy season is no longer a season, but an all day, every day thing. Yay. Need to get twelve hour allergy pills. Also, the usual all-over fibro pain which has been playing up recently.

House is getting messier and messier, but I am just not capable of doing anything about it. Am struggling to keep up with dishes, and have reverted to ‘open box, eat contents’ meals, because cooking is not happening. God, I hate this. Especially since I was doing so well. Mother Nature hates when I do well, so it seems. Trying to think of ‘open box, eat contents’ things I can get in the shopping today. Fruit cups, yogurt, thinking is not going well at all. LOL

It’s weird about the alnost falling over, because I completely forget about it til it happens again, and then I remember oh yeah this happened yesterday, too. I try to be very aware of movement anyway, because right now I am pretty rickety thanks to the back thing, so watch where and how I step. Gertrude of course makes walking an obstacle course cause she just lies down right where I need to step.

I just wish this pandemic thing was over and I was a ‘normal’ person again, and I could get done what needs doing and why is life so hard sometimes? Yes, whiny Jean is in some pain and very whiny today. Sorry about that.

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